History of Trojan Clothing

History of Trojan Clothing

During the 1960s, Britain experienced a significant influx of immigrants from Jamaica and the Caribbean, seeking better prospects in cities such as London and Birmingham. However, for the Windrush generation, the reality was often one of poverty and substandard living conditions, particularly in areas like Brixton and Hackney.

Despite these adversities, a cultural amalgamation emerged among working-class youths, both black and white, united by their shared passion for Jamaican music. This cultural fusion gave rise to the British Rudeboy movement, contrasting with the prevalent hippie culture of the time.

On July 28th, 1967, Island Records launched 'Trojan,' a label dedicated to promoting the works of Arthur 'Duke' Reid, a renowned producer of Ska and Rock Steady music. Initially facing setbacks, the label ceased operations within months, only to be revitalized in the summer of '68 through a merger with B&C, Island Records' distributor.

This rejuvenated 'Trojan Records' embarked on an ambitious journey, releasing music under various labels to showcase talents like Robert 'Dandy' Thompson and iconic Jamaican figures such as Lee 'Scratch' Perry and Duke Reid himself. This resurgence injected fresh vigor into the Trojan narrative, leaving an indelible mark on the music industry.

Trojan Records introduced a diverse array of Reggae and Ska artists to the British audience, including Tony Tribe, Jimmy Cliff, Desmond Dekker, and eventually, Bob Marley. Beyond music, the label's influence transcended into cultural movements like the two-tone scene of the late 1970s, with bands such as The Specials and Madness embodying its spirit.

In 2018, Trojan Records commemorated its 50th anniversary with the release of a documentary celebrating its illustrious history paying homage to the original skinhead culture of the UK.

Trojan's latest retro clothing offerings include pique tees and classic houndstooth and check polo shirts, featuring designs reminiscent of the original Rudeboy style. Explore the latest arrivals at RD1 Clothing today and honour the label's rich heritage and musical legacy.

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