The Rise of Weekend Offender

Founded in 2004, Weekend Offender was the brainchild of young entrepreneurs Sam Jones and Rhydian Powell, originating just outside Cardiff, Wales. They envisioned a clothing brand that truly resonated with the younger generation, targeting men from their teens to late 20s.


Celebrating Youth Culture in Britain

Weekend Offender embodies the essence of youth culture. It's designed for a generation known for enduring hard times and even harder partying. As a proud online and instore retailer of Weekend Offender, RD1 Clothing explores the evolution of this iconic brand and how it has grown to its current stature.


The Journey

 From its inception, Weekend Offender aimed to create clothing modelled after its customers – no-nonsense, functional, and stylish pieces ideal for pubs, clubs, and football matches. It quickly became the go-to brand for lads who wanted to stand out, especially at the sharper end of the terrace. The brand's name spread organically through word of mouth, capturing the attention of its target audience.

The initial offerings from Weekend Offender focused on premium knitwear and outerwear. Outerwear, especially coats and jackets, became a huge success as they provided a noticeable presence. Following this success, the brand expanded into polo shirts and tees, which complemented their outerwear perfectly.

Weekend Offender soon became synonymous with football culture, making it the ideal attire for weekend matches and post-game pub outings.


The Brand's Philosophy

Today, Weekend Offender's product line includes knitwear, outerwear, polos, t-shirts, and accessories. The brand is known for its original designs, unique silhouettes, and emphasis on quality and functionality.

Featured Products at RD1 Clothing

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Weekend Offender has carved out a niche by staying true to its roots and catering to the youth culture of the UK. With a focus on quality, functionality, and standout designs, the brand continues to be a favourite among young men looking to make a statement.

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